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Last update: 16 April 2021


Term Meaning
Complaint Okeo Payments defines a complaint as ‘any expression of dissatisfaction that relates to Okeo Payments and requires a formal response’.
Complaint (as defined by the Bank of Lithuania) A complaint is a written application of a person to the Bank of Lithuania regarding violation of their rights or legal interests related to non-compliance with legal acts applicable to a financial market participant. Complaints are investigated in accordance with the Rules on the Examination of Applications, Appeals and Notices of Individuals and on the Provision of Services to them at the Bank of Lithuania.
Dispute (as defined by the Bank of Lithuania) A dispute is a written application of a person to the Bank of Lithuania regarding non-compliance with the terms of an agreement between the person and the financial market participant. It is investigated during an out-of-court procedure at the Bank of Lithuania in accordance with the Rules of the Procedure of Out of Court Settlement in the Bank of Lithuania of Disputes between Consumers and Financial Market Participants.
Business days Official working days (excluding weekends, bank holidays) in Lithuania.


“Okeo Payments, UAB” (also referred to as “we”, “us”, “Okeo Payments”, “Company”) is an electronic money institution licensed by the Bank of Lithuania (license no. 71), incorporated and existing in Vilnius, Lithuania, company registration number 305219549, having its registered office at Gedimino pr. 20, LT-01103, Vilnius.

Okeo Payments is committed to ensure the highest standards of service to all our customers. However, on some occasions you may feel that we have failed to meet your expectations. Therefore, we want to have the opportunity to put things right for you and take steps, where appropriate, to make sure that any mistakes are fixed or prevented from happening in the future.

We recognize that many concerns will be raised informally, and dealt with quickly. Our aims are to:

An informal approach is appropriate when it can be achieved. But if concerns cannot be satisfactorily resolved informally, then the formal complaints procedure should be followed.


This Complaints Policy aims to explain formal complaint handling procedure at Okeo Payments and is designed to ensure that your formal concerns are addressed politely, promptly, fairly, consistently and free of charge.

Contacting us

You can always contact Okeo Payments by sending us an email at [email protected]. Our friendly Customer Support staff will happily assist you in resolving any issue you may have encountered when using our services. It has been our experience that Customer Support team here at Okeo Payments helps customers resolve their requests in the most effective manner.

If you still feel disappointed after contacting our support team or you believe that we didn’t meet your expectation and you want to make a formal complaint, please send it to [email protected]. You should submit it no later than within 3 months from learning about a violation of your rights.

Please make sure that you include the following information in your request:

Please be aware that we reserve the right to refrain from handling anonymous complaints.

After you submit your complaint

After receiving your complaint, we will confirm it with you via email which will contain the information on the time limit for our final reply. If the information you provide us with is sufficient to adequately assess the situation, we will do our best to provide you with a final answer as soon as possible. The final reply timeframe may vary according to the complexity of the case, but will take no later than 15 business days.

If due to the case complexity, lack of the supporting evidence or documents, the need for some additional investigation or other reason, we won’t be able to provide you with the final answer within 15 business days, we will let you know when to expect our reply. In this case, the final reply will be provided no later than within 35 business days from when we first received your complaint. We will also indicate the reason for the extended time frame.

Please be aware that we will communicate with you in English or Lithuanian.

Out-of-court dispute resolution authority regarding non-compliance with the terms of an agreement

If the reply from Okeo Payments does not satisfy you or you do not receive any reply from us within 15 business days, you have the right to apply to the Bank of Lithuania to settle a dispute with us within one year from when you contacted us regarding the matter. If you miss this time frame, you can no longer apply regarding the dispute.

Your application can be submitted in the following ways:

The dispute settlement process will be conducted in the official language of the country, i.e., Lithuanian.

More information on the dispute settlement procedure is available on the website of the Bank of Lithuania.

Out-of-court complaint authority regarding violation of the rights or legal interests related to non-compliance with legal acts applicable to a financial market participant

You can also make a complaint to the Bank of Lithuania if you believe that we have violated your rights or legal interests related to non-compliance with legal acts applicable to a financial market participant.

In this case, your complaint to the Bank of Lithuania may be submitted:

You can find more information here.

Learning from complaints

All complaints received by Okeo Payments are analyzed and will usually be stored for the minimum retention period of 1 year (after Okeo Payments takes a decision on it). Complaint related statistics are used to improve our products and services. We review the information gathered from complaints regularly and consider whether and how our services could be improved or internal policies and procedures updated.


Your privacy is our priority. Therefore, Okeo Payments will treat your personal information as confidential, respecting data protection legislation, as well as our internal policies and procedures. You can find more regarding the data protection and processing in our Privacy Policy.