for business

Seamless payments

Imagine your payments just happening,
flowing smoothly and reaching
in a blink of an eye.


Payments for modern business

At Okeo we create payment solutions to serve companies willing to exchange
extensive operational burden to API driven automated processes.

We transform business complexity into intuitive and easy to use solutions, with all business features and configuration options in your hands.

Multicurrency settlements
with suppliers and clients
Unlimited number of
multicurrency IBAN accounts
Flexible permissions and
limits management
Digital experience
with online onboarding
Multistep transfer
Multiple users
to one account
Controlling tools
and configurable reports
and APIs

All-in-one Payments Platform

At Okeo we understand the pain of having multiple accounts and many payment service providers.

Our proprietary Payments Platform enables comprehensive range of financial services, with IBAN multicurrency account at its core, selected and designed in a way to serve business clients and their specific needs.

Highest security and compliance standards

At Okeo we believe that compliance and security is binary – there is no room for compromise.

  • PSD2 compliance
  • Embedded AML monitoring tools
  • Two-factor Authentication
  • Disaster recovery and multiple data centers
  • Data encryption
  • Audit trail

About us

We are international team of IT-enthusiasts with engineer, finance and regulatory background, united by a passion for quality.
We transform our diversity into synergy.